Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's been a long time...

Once again, Simulacra Photography has become a bit of a forgotten step-child as time and energy are spent building my commercial photography business in New York and more recently, Charlotte, NC.   Along those lines, my commercial photography website is in the process of being redesigned by a friend and colleague in Charlotte.  

Should anyone need any design work completed, contact Mark with Magic Graphics...   He will give you a fair price and complete some fantastic work for you.

In addition to redesigning my site, Mark also turned me on to a new website, ThumbTack.   I have created a profile for Simulacra on there and hope that it helps generate more Wedding Photography and portrait photography business.   Additionally, it offers a forum for clients to review my work...   So, if you have some nice things to say, please do...   And on Google too ;).

As time keeps on ticking we will attempt to update more often...  Until then, remember Simulacra for your wedding photography and portrait photography needs.


Sammy and Cece, Allentown, PA

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad photographer bloggers, BAD!

So, it's been a LONG while since we have posted on our blog.   We sincerely wish we had a good excuse, but alas, we don't.

In the year+ since our last post we have been busily photographing families across this great country of ours, but mostly in Charlotte, NC.  For the most part, our clients have been ecstatic with their results and have helped spread the word about Simulacra Photography and principal photographer, Scott S. Clinton.  To help boost awareness about Simulacra we did participate in two AmazonLocal/LivingSocial deals and experienced modest success.  Unfortunately, we found that our product does not translate well to most bargain shoppers.

On the wedding front... 2012 was not our best year, we fell short of our goal to shoot 5-7 weddings.  Our 2013 goal of shooting 10-15 weddings (what we consider to be a full load) seems rather unlikely, but we hope to change that.  With the flurry of engagements this past holiday season, couples are frantically searching for photographers to satisfy their wedding photography needs.  Last weekend a few members of the Simulacra team decided to do some gorilla marketing researching via the NC Bridal Showcase and determined that we need to jump in and get serious about weddings.

While visiting the Bridal Expo, we saw some competitors who's work was VERY impressive.  We saw some competitors who had spectacular booth displays...   Some of the big names (in the Charlotte, NC area) did not disappoint, but others did.  Lastly, we saw some competitors who need to spend more time shooting and less time at events such as these, having NO BUSINESS taking people's money at this stage.  Public service message:  Choose your wedding professionals carefully people!

It's easy to play armchair quarterback (to use a term from our favorite sport of football)...   So, it might be time to put our money where our mouth is and sign up for the August installment of Charlotte's Bridal Showcase.  This will be an expensive undertaking, especially considering our modest booking goals, but we feel that our skill set holds its own against the competition we saw last weekend.

Not to be one to advertise the competition, we do feel like some of the professionals we saw deserve to be acknowledged: (we had a very nice conversation with Adam)

Additionally, it should be no surprise that Charlotte's queen of wedding photography, Critsey Rowe, had a booth that was both intimidating and spectacular.

As a reminder for the visitors of this blog, our principal and photographer, Scott S. Clinton, is a commercial photographer first and foremost.  Should you or anyone you know need photography for your business, don't hesitate to contact him directly through his website: or

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Babies, Weddings, Commercial Jobs, and LivingSocial

In the months since our last blog post, the photographers of Simulacra have been busy...  VERY BUSY!   A quick rehash:

- 8 family portrait sessions in 5 different states
- 4 weddings in 4 different states
- 1 charity portrait shoot
- 18 commercial jobs in 3 different states (for Scott Clinton Photography)

You won't find us complaining...  Not even a little bit.  You also won't find us sitting around waiting for something to happen next.   It is that mindset that has us running a special in the Charlotte, NC area with LivingSocial/AmazonLocal, today and tomorrow.

Simulacra's photography promotion featured on AmazonLocal

The actual value of this deal is $430.00 in Charlotte, NOT $300.   So, spread the word!!!    Additionally, Simulacra is offering another promotion...   Go to Simulacra's Google Places page and write a positive review.   Once complete and posted, notify us via email and we will post a $20.00 credit towards future print orders :)

Lastly, we wanted to take a minute to direct you to a charity that we have started working with...  The Sandbox, based in Charlotte, NC.   Please take a moment to check out what it is that they do and consider donating...  It is a wonderful cause.   

On 29 September 2011, the people of the Sandbox put on "an Evening of Star" prom...   A benefit for patients and families of the Levine Children's Hospital, Oncology Department.  Simulacra was approached about donating formal portraits of the honored guests.  Needless to say we quickly agreed to help out.   Please take a moment to view the personalities captured during this spectacular event:   An Evening of Stars

As always, spread the word about Simulacra Photography and Scott Clinton Photography.   Small Town...   Big City...  Worldwide!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring into Summer

The photographers of Simulacra apologize for being M.I.A. for the past few weeks.    We have been busy shooting (for both Simulacra and our sister company, Scott Clinton Photography).   Scott Clinton Photography specializes in commercial photography...   So, if you or someone you know has a company in need, send them over.

Back in early April, Simulacra attended a wedding in rural North Carolina.    Here are some examples from that event:

Nikki and her father
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Nikki and Scott
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Nikki and Scott
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Nikki, Scott, & Chewie
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Nikki and Scott
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

In addition to promoting ourselves as wedding photographers in North Carolina, New York, and Nebraska, Simulacra is still pushing portrait photography in North Carolina, New York, and Nebraska.   Recently, Simulacra was commissioned to photograph the Griffin family of Charlotte, NC.    Here is a teaser image from our shoot:

Elijah - Charlotte, NC
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Photo shoots and promotions are not the only things keeping us busy at Simulacra...   We have also been working on a printed promotional piece (with Baltimore based design firm Orange Element).   Additionally, we have been updating the written content and functionality of our website (with web developer John Fontana).   Specifically, we are adding the ability to order prints directly from our website...   Through our new print vendor Pictage, Simulacra clients and guests will be able to order prints and a myriad other products, simply and easily.   Adding Pictage as a partner allows Simulacra patrons to use their credit cards when placing orders and have products shipped directly to them.    This move represents a massive step forward in the services that Simulacra can provide.

Lastly, this weekend, 03-05 June, Simulacra will be traveling to Knoxville, TN.   Simulacra has been hired to document what is likely to be Knoxville's social event of the year...   The wedding of Crystal Conley and Casey Denton.    To combat the 250+ guests, Simulacra will be armed with 3 photographers, 5 cameras, and lots of other tools of the trade.   Stay tuned for more updates from the front lines :)

Until then, here is a one of Crystal and Case's favorites from their engagement session:

Case and Crystal (Peyton Manning Locker Facility, University of Tennessee).
Photo © Scott S. Clinton /

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The photographers of Simulacra* would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter!

*Simulacra are Charlotte based wedding and portrait photographers servicing Charlotte, New York, Omaha, and everywhere else.   

Small Town...   Big City...  World Wide. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking a breather...

This week, the photographers of Simulacra are taking a little break & soaking up some sun (in Southwest Florida).

That doesn't meant that we aren't still pushing for new clients!   So, if you or someone you know is in the market for a portrait photographer, baby photographer, child photographer, family portrait photographer, or wedding photographer, anywhere in the world, send them our way.

Simulacra Photography - Small Town...   Big City...   Worldwide!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A pleasant day in the park...

On March 25, Simulacra met up with Maverick and his father Darren for a shoot at Freedom Park in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, NC...

Maverick, a four-year-old toe head, was full of energy and all smiles.  Darren was a big help and even jumped in for a few frames here and there.

While Darren chooses which images he would like to print, I will offer up a teaser image from the sitting.  

Maverick - Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC.  Photo © Scott S. Clinton /      

I personally think it is a great shot...   But I am biased.   Let us know what you think and don't forget to "LIKE" the Simulacra Photography facebook page...    Simulacra Photography, your source for high end portrait photography (babies, children, families) and weddings...  Serving:  Charlotte, New York City, Omaha, and anywhere else you can think of.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little teaser... From last weekend's shoot

So, this week, Simulacra's principal photographer is wearing his commercial photography hat in bustling New York City.   That doesn't mean that Simulacra's photographic gears grind to a halt...

Below is a teaser image from last weeks family portrait in Charlotte, NC:

Lexi - Charlotte, NC
Photo © 2011 - Scott S. Clinton /

All told Scott captured around 375 images of Lexi and her parents during their pre-church session last Sunday.  It looks as though roughly 20% of those images are going to make it onto Simulacra's online proofer for Lexi's parents to choose from.

Not bad for a Sunday morning :)

After Lexi's parents make their selections, updates will be made to Simulacra's website and Facebook pages.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Today your favorite portrait photographer is enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon on his front porch...  Soaking up the sun and sipping on an iced tea.  Today is the type of day that dreams are made of...   The type of day that makes me thankful for the decision to move Simulacra's base of operations to the Queen City of Charlotte, NC...  Blue sky, sunny, and 70+ degrees.

It's not all fun and games though...   Tomorrow it will be back to work.   Simulacra has a booking tomorrow morning to photograph a lovely Charlotte family.   As soon as completing that shoot, it will be time to hit the road...   A commercial client in NYC had needs and our sister company, Scott Clinton Photography is answering the call.

Speaking of, Charlotte, Omaha, and NYC based photographer Scott S. Clinton has just launched a new facebook page highlighting some of his commercial work.  If you or someone you know has a company (large or small), ad agency, record label, or is in a band, contact Scott Clinton Photography today!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring time and inclement weather

The past week or so have been frustrating for your favorite Charlotte Photographer...   Inclement weather caused the postponement of two shoots.   Frustrating to say the least, but nevertheless part of doing business.

Simulacra photography spent the week working on estimates for potential NYC and Knoxville wedding photography clients.   Additionally, Simulacra has been working with Baltimore based design firm Orange Element on a new tri-fold brochure, targeted at weddings.   Final design should be completed by the week's end!

Other than that, Simulacra has been planning trips to New York, Sarasota, and Omaha.